Commercial/Residential Real Estate & Litigation

Commercial Real Estate Law Gertner & Gertner

When looking at commercial real estate and investment opportunities it is always wise to consult attorneys who have experience assisting clients with such ventures.  Gertner & Gertner can answer your questions related to commercial real estate and commercial and business transaction needs.  Whether it’s the acquisition or sale of a property or business, the complexity of the laws with regards to zoning requirements and business regulations can often be a barrier to successful land use and income potential.

Often, commercial real estate transactions do not have the same consumer protections as residential transactions.  Gertner & Gertner will work with you to analyze your needs and guide you through the zoning and land use waters so you will know what the land’s designated uses are and what permits you will need.

Gertner & Gertner will provide the advice you need to acquire, finance, sell and develop licensing agreements in your commercial and business transactions.   The regulations and laws can be very stringent, and we are here to make sure all the right “T’s” are crossed and “I’s” dotted to protect your interests.

Gertner & Gertner looks forward to assisting you with any of your commercial real estate, commercial and business transactions. Contact our office in Jackson to arrange a time to sit down with our lawyer.